Friday, February 12, 2010

NEPA Memories

I was recently added to the blogroll at NEPA Blogs, "a clearinghouse providing links to blogs and other sites about Northeastern Pennsylvania or by people from Northeastern Pennsylvania." You'll find all kinds of great stuff there from a number of talented people, at

Although most of my current blogging involves public relations, advertising and language, I have a long-standing interest in history. I thought I'd mark my addition to NEPA Blogs with a few quick Northeastern Pennsylvania recollections from the early- and mid-1960s, times spent alongside my father.

I remember:

  • …walking from our home on Monroe Avenue in the Patch section of Dunmore down to the Catholic Youth Center (no car in those days) to see the University of Scranton basketball team play. The U of S played at the CYC prior to the opening of the Long Center on campus for the 1967-68 season. I remember one particular game there against arch-rival Kings College; a fight broke out in the stands and CYC officials were forced to halt the game and turn off all the lights in the place to get the fracas under control. (On the U of S web site basketball history section, the author mentions a fight outside the Long Center between Kings students and Scranton police due to an over-sold game, but I'm pretty sure the fight I remember was at the CYC.) It was certainly an intense rivalry. Of course, they had legitimate fights – boxing – at the CYC, to which my Uncle George took me during that same period.
  • …going to Schautz Stadium in Dunmore with my father during summers in that period to watch the fast-pitch softball, particularly the First National Bank of Dunmore team led by pitcher Paul Ross, a rather portly fellow with a wicked fastball. It was a great team and a great time. Every summer the softball legend Eddie Feigner made an appearance with his four-man team, "The King & His Court." In a 2007 obituary, the Washington Post acclaimed Feigner as "the greatest softball pitcher who ever lived."
  • …and swimming at Lake Lincoln, trying to find a patch of cool water amongst the hordes that descended during hot summer days when that great artificial lake was the only swimming game in town.

Again, thanks to the kind folks at NEPA Blogs for adding me to the roll. I'm sure I'll enjoy being part of this particular crowd and I hope the bloggers here find my scratchings interesting.

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